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Germ-X and Toilet Paper

Fear. There’s a lot of it out there right now. I went in to Wal-Mart yesterday morning to buy a pair of Dr. Sholl’s shoe inserts. I picked up the shoe inserts, and on a whim, I went over to the aisle to see how much Germ-X was on the shelf.

Seven Things to Do to Help Prevent Indentity Theft

Identity theft is a serious problem affecting more people every day. That’s why learning how to prevent it is so important. Knowing how to prevent identity theft makes your identity more secure. Preventing theft starts with managing your personal information carefully and sensibly. We recommend 7simple precautions to keep your personal information safe:

Farmland Prices Grow Higher, Regulators Worried About Another Bubble

Are you thinking of selling or buying farmland? In the last ten years farmland values have doubled on average. Wish we could "still say the same" for our home prices. Will farmland prices drop like home prices? Hmmm.

During the last decade commodity prices have doubled and the banks have had favorable lending terms and low interest rates. These favorable conditions have helped increase farmland prices. Looks like that may be changing soon.

A One-Year Checklist to Retirement

One of the biggest lessons of the recent economy is that many people who thought they were financially ready for retirement…weren’t.

The amount of money, investments and government support you’ll need to retire comfortably is as individual as you are. Some people plan to work in retirement. Others have health issues or other financial responsibilities – kids’ college bills, financial support for a senior relative -- to juggle with the everyday living expenses they’ll face in retirement.


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